The SSRC has active projects in operating systems for non-volatile memory-based systems, systems that provide "forgettable" storage, and archival storage. We also have particular focus in cross-cutting issues such as security and reliability in file and storage systems. You're encouraged to browse a full list of our projects and explore the research that the SSRC has done since 2001.

If you're interested in joining the SSRC, please see this page or contact any of the faculty or students in the SSRC.

Prospective graduate students

Applications for graduate school at UC Santa Cruz are due at the end of each calendar year. We have lots of information available online for prospective graduate students.

Learn more about the SSRC

There are many ways to learn more about the SSRC and the research we're doing here at UC Santa Cruz.

  • Browse the SSRC web site
  • Contact SSRC faculty or students
  • Attend an SSRC seminar or other event—all are open to the public unless otherwise indicated
  • Browse past events
Last modified 16 Mar 2022